Zuna CBD



ZUNA Brand Story

After the time of long separation, the people were awakening. As the sleep fell from their eyes, one by one, their spirits began to sing their songs.

As they remembered Mother Earth and her bountiful natural gifts, they cried out to her sublime goddess spirit, telling of their joys and sorrows; of their pain and wanting.

The people longed for her soothing touch — the restorative powers of her natural herbs. The chorus grew into a symphony, sounding across the land, touching new souls, urging them to join in harmony.

To be heard. As the voices reached a crescendo, the goddess ZUNA stirred. At last, after the great struggle, her time was here. Her time to teach. To serve. To nurture. To heal. To play. To dance.

ZUNA’s gifts are naturally simple and abundant, and as old as mankind. Her spirit can be found hiding within the gentle whispers of the desert wind…

…in the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t desert mirages and rippling heat waves. ZUNA can be found joyously dancing in the swirling dust, in the crash of lightning; crowing in the fierce roars of the monsoon storm.

Afterward, in the calm, her healing herbs and elixirs bring forth renewal.As the moon rises above the mountains and the desert begins its night music, ZUNA walks the land with her healing herbs, enticing elixirs, and richly nourishing lotions and tinctures.

She hears the cries and songs of the people calling her name.

She strokes furrowed brows, whispering gently; releasing hidden pain, sparking laughter and joy; and eventually peaceful sleep. Her heart swells with love.

She is here to care for them. It is her purpose. Her calling. She is ZUNA.

ZUNA's CBD Mission

The ZUNA brand is synonymous with premium quality CBD wellness products. ZUNA products are carefully crafted from the finest organic ingredients and presented in a variety of delivery formats.

ZUNA stands for innovation, quality, and authenticity – the preferred choice for those looking to all-natural alternatives for health and wellness products and solutions.

Today, those looking to all-natural alternatives for health and wellness products and solutions can relax and enjoy a range of all-natural, crafted, premium quality ZUNA CBD wellness products – all infused with the sublime spirits of abundance and peace.

Zuna is a line of carefully crafted natural CBD (Cannabidiol) products offered in a variety of award-winning delivery methods including CBD Capsules, CBD Topicals, CBD Tinctures, CBD Vapes, CBD Edibles and topicals at an affordable price.

We aim to make Zuna the preferred choice that you can count on for a soothing experience without the “high.”

Whether for recreational or medicinal use, the Cannabinoids in our CBD products will help activate your Cannabinoid Receptors within your brain to make you feel better and improve your life. From using CBD for stress relief to calming your anxiety to finally getting that good night's sleep, Zuna has got you covered.

Zuna is a brand that is fun, memorable, and sophisticated with a touch of exotic mystery and an air of royalty. We wanted to pay homage to the ancient history of CBD, and the sacred ritual of ingesting edibles in order to take a meditative journey exploring the mind, body, and soul. We seek the highest quality ingredients to infuse with CBD and demand the best practices to bring the absolute purest CBD to the market.

Innovation and integrity filter through every aspect of our company. We are continually experimenting with different formulations and delivery methods in order to provide consistent dosing and exceptional quality for CBD enthusiasts. For many people, ZUNA is an authentic medicinal alternative to potentially harmful and addictive narcotics.

Zuna is a health-conscious, compassionate and supportive brand that understands and tends to the needs of medical and CBD patients who are not comfortable with mind-altering substances. Our products can help make people’s lives better and in turn, improve the world. Zuna’s gifts are naturally simple and abundant, with the right mix of essential oil with CBD, healing herbs, enticing elixirs, and richly nourishing lotions and tinctures.

Zuna cares about the effects CBD has to aid with your pain management, anxiety, skin care, and immune support performance. Nothing feels better than to unwind after a long days work with using CBD for relaxation and restore the body and spirit to its refreshed state with using CBD for sleep. We embrace the essence of being completely transparent regarding our products with our potential customers.

ZUNA stands for safety, innovation, quality, and integrity in every aspect of their business.

With so much confusion about CBD, we aim to be one of the top resources to educate you on what types of CBD there are, mixing CBD with essential oils, the difference between Cannabis versus Hemp, how to cook with CBD, and enlighten you on what CBD isn’t and why you need to be informed appropriately to consider CBD as a wonderful solution in your daily life.

Even though CBD comes from the “Cannabis” plant. Don’t be alarmed! You won’t get “High” from CBD. Most people hear “Cannabis” and immediately picture Matthew McConaughey in Dazed And Confused (Alright, Alright, Alright) but know CBD is NOTHING like that.

The “High” you are thinking about is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the psychoactive compound found in Marijuana. Marijuana contains high amounts of THC, while CBD from Hemp MUST contain no more than .3% THC which won’t produce the same “high” effect that you would have from Marijuana.
CBD and Hemp are 100% LEGAL. You will not be arrested from using or being in possession of CBD or Hemp based products. Most people fear that they will fail drug tests from consuming CBD. CBD will not cause a positive drug test when consumed at suggested servings. Most tests will not detect the presence of CBD. THC would without a doubt come up on a drug test. Zuna has ZERO THC.

All of our products are full spectrum which includes all of the cannabinoids (CBD) present in the hemp plant. Full spectrum CBD also contains vitamins and terpenes that have been shown to be extremely beneficial to the body.

All of our hemp oil comes from the same extraction process in the same facility that ensures complete consistency in all of our products. We organically grow everything, process and manufacture in the USA in our own facilities. We test everything and make sure it’s free of pesticides, metals and of course THC before ever leaving our facilities.

With the rise of CBD, many people are seeking out more natural ways to treat stress and anxiety. Athletes and older generations are looking for help with chronic pain relief, relief from arthritis and even help stop seizures

Beauty products that contain CBD have been shown to be remarkable for your hair, skin, and nails. People have found positive benefits using CBD topically to treat acne and to tighten/shrink pores. It’s a cleaner solution without any of the harsh chemicals. CBD has also been shown to help moisturize your hair, strengthen nails and acts as a preventative for aging skin.

Not only is CBD great for humans, they are finding CBD to be a remarkable alternative to treating their pet’s ailments.
Please note that your individual experience with CBD will vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.